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Christopher J. Lowy

Doctoral Student in Japanese

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M.A., Japanese Languages and Literature, University of Washington, 2014
Research Student, Waseda University, 2010-2012
B.A., East Asian Languages and Literature, Florida State University, 2009
B.A., English Literature, Florida State University, 2009
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Publications; Essays

"When Big Ideas Don't Match With A Small Everyday: The Intellectual Dark Web and Dog-whistle Politics," Gendai shiso. Tokyo: June, 2019.

“Inscription and Japanese-language Literature.” AJALT No. 41. Tokyo: June 2018.

"The Dilemma of the ‘Troll’ in a Post-Truth World: On the Difference Between the ‘Gays’ and ‘Fags’ Who Supported Trump," Eureka. Tokyo: January, 2017. (Jpn.)

"Gay Magazines from the 1990s as a Parallel World." Eureka. Tokyo: April 2016. (Jpn.)

"On the Architextuality of Written Japanese," Symphoniker, ed. Nagase Kai. Tokyo: Symphoniker, 2013. pg. 3-19. (Jpn.)

"Communication in a Hyperflattened Japanese Language: Japanese Criticism and Introversion," genron etc., ed. Azuma Hiroki. Tokyo: Genron 2.4, 2012. pg. 83-95. (Jpn.)


"A Whirlpool of Glyphs: EnJoe Toh and the Curse of Writing.” The Nonhuman in Japanese Culture and Society, University of Victoria, 22 Sept. 2018.

"On the Publication History of Kirikirijin -- Shumatsu kara and the Performativity of Play." 2018 Trans-Pacific Workshop, University of Washington, 9 June 2018.

“A Chrysanthemum Sendoff: ‘Reading’ Sexuality in a Muromachi Poem-and-Painting Scroll.” Visualizing Texts, Reading Images Workshop II: Representations of Illnesses, Love, and Travel in Illustrated Texts of Pre-Meiji Japan, Dartmouth College, 21 April 2018.

"Script as Function in Tanizaki’s The Key: Reading beyond a Gendered Binary." Association for Asian Studies, Washington, D.C., 23 March 2018.

"History, Memory, and Violence in Tagame Gengoroh’s Daruma kenpei." Association for Japanese Literary Studies, Oberlin College, 16 Feb. 2018.

Just another Trip to the Bathhouse: AIDS in the tanka of Ishii Tatsuhiko from the 1990s.Summer 2017 Workshop on Contemporary Japanese Literature and Culture, University of Washington.

"Between Script and Literature: Thinking Through the Effects of Script in Japanese-language Literature" (in Japanese). Joint meeting between the 6070 Kenkyukai and the 80nendai no Bungaku, Hihyo, Kenkyushi o Yomu Kai, Nihon University, 29 Jan. 2017.

“Thoughts on the Style [buntai] of Wagahai wa neko ni naru: Yokoyama Yūta’s Experiment” (in Japanese). Association for Modern Japanese Literary Studies, Waseda University. Tokyo, Japan 22 Nov. 2015 .

"The Architecture of Script: Ruby and Its Relationship to Written Japanese." UC Berkeley Japan Studies Graduate Student Conference, April 2015.

"Language as Hyperflat: Rethinking the Applied Phonograph and Its Relationship to Written Japanese." UC Boulder, Mar. 2014.


Selected Research

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