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Christopher Diamond (he/him/his)

Graduate Student in South Asian Languages and Literature


MA Asian Languages and Literature, University of Washington, 2015
B.A. (Honors), Hindi and Music, School of Oriental and African Studies, 2011

Christopher is interested in the intersection of literature, religion, and performance. For his MA thesis, Christopher translated and studied a major portion of Vidyāpati’s 15th century Apabhraṃśa historical poem, the Kīrttilatā. His thesis sought to understand the relationship between Hindu authors/patrons and the Muslim and Central Asian courts of the time. This project will segue into Christopher’s current doctoral research which is a comparative analysis of the popular and literary memories of the poet Vidyāpati’s vernacular oeuvre in Hindi, Bengali and Maithili. Through this research he hopes to challenge static notions of linguistic, literary, and religious identities in premodern South Asia. Additionally, Christopher is interested in Vaiṣṇava/Bhakti oriented religion and literature across North and Eastern South Asia. He has spent time in different parts of India, including Jaipur, Vrindavan, Kolkata, and Bihar.