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Caley Smith (he/him/his sa/tam)

Lecturer in Sanskrit
it me

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Ph.D., South Asian Studies, Harvard University, 2017
M.A., South Asian Studies, Harvard University, 2014
M.A., Linguistics, University of Georgia, 2010
B.A, Linguistics, University of Georgia, 2007

Smith uses a combination of philology and linguistic anthropology to examine the ways that the experience of text, or textuality, in South Asia has changed over time as well as the ways that textuality contours the contents of the texts. His current book project, The Invisible Mask, is a study of impersonation in Vedic ritual. He argues that Vedic impersonation is a verbal mask used to both ritually transform the performer and to legitimize the authenticity of the tradition by performing its origins. Indeed, these same element appear to be present in early Buddhist and Hindu recitation practices as well.