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Arden Taylor

Graduate Student in Japanese, Teaching Assistant in Japanese
Arden Taylor

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Zoom Meeting ID: 977-5585-3589
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W 1:00-2:00


B.A., Japanese and Linguistics, Western Washington University

Arden is a Seattle native who dreamed of going to UW someday, though initially they applied to study theater. They applied once for undergrad (as a theater major) and once to the graduate school (for Japanese historical linguistics) to the UW, but finally made it the third time, after roughly nine years honing their academic interests. For undergrad, they attended Western Washington University, switching quickly from theater to double-majoring in Japanese and linguistics. They fell deeply in love with the Japanese language after opening their first textbook. Arden was interested in every aspect of the Japanese language, and even won a scholarship for three months intensive study in Tokyo during their first year at Western. They also worked for the Asia University America Program as a peer advisor to Japanese exchange students, and have spent the last two years in Ishikawa, Japan, teaching English via the JET Program. It was during this time that Arden's interest shifted from linguistics to literature analysis. Though Arden had always enjoyed writing as a hobby, the only poetry that ever moved them was haiku. Living in Japan, experiencing the change of seasons and the importance of the moment, having access to the museums and ancient shrines connecting the modern culture to the past, inspired them to explore the concept of mono no aware, the pity of things. It was this passion that finally led to achieving their dream of studying at the UW. They hope to become a leading expert in the field of Heian-period literature and mono no aware, and someday use this knowledge as a teacher, inspiring future generations linguists, writers and Japanologists. 

GSA President, 2019-2020

Duties: This office coordinates with the other officers responsible for various activities throughout the year, and calls elections when the new academic year begins.

Contact me if: You are interested in becoming an officer next year. You aren’t sure to which other officer to address your question.