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Amanda Schiano di Cola

Graduate Student in Japanese
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B.A., English, William & Mary, 2014

Graduate Student Booksale Supervisor, 2018-2019

Duties: This officer organizes the annual graduate Book Sale, coordinates students to be present at the book sale, creates flyers to advertise the book sale at UW and in the community, and contacts local book stores in order to generate more business for the book sale.

Contact me if: You are interested in volunteering for the annual book sale or have more books to contribute to our sale.

GPSS Senator, 2018-2019

Duties: This officer represents AL&L at the Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS) meetings on campus. This officer can help AL&L graduate students bring awareness to events by advertising them at GPSS meetings, petitioning for special funding for graduate student-related events and/or department equipment. A special thing AL&L brings to GPSS in that our department has a greater number of international students and, as such, our representative brings a different point of view to the Senate.

Contact me if: 1) you are interested in this position, or 2) you have any questions regarding advertising graduate events campus-wide, extra funding options for events or the department, etc.