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Featured Course for Summer 2017: VIET 361

Submitted by Dale Hunter on March 4, 2016 - 8:22am
VIET361 flyer

Summer 2017: VIET 361 & JSIS 486 - Special Topics in SEA Studies

Postwar Vietnam in Literature, Media, and Film

Taught by Bich-Ngoc Turner; A Term Only, Summer 2017, M-F 10:50-1:10, SLN 14239/11979; 5 Credits, VLPA/I&S

Vietnam has transformed significantly since the end of the Vietnam/American War. In this course, we will explore how major changes in Vietnamese society, culture, and domestic politics since 1975 have made profound impacts upon the lives of Vietnamese people living in Vietnam as well as on the Vietnamese diaspora communities in North America and Eastern Europe.

The course materials combine academic journal articles, documentaries, novel excerpts, short stories, and films to help students achieve a critical look at the relationship between utopian dreams, their results, and everyday realities while Vietnam rebuilt itself and reintegrated with the world during this period (1975-present).

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