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Departmental Stationery 

Procard and Reimbursement Forms 

Travel Forms 

  • Travel Funding Request Form for Students: [ LINK ]
  • Travel Funding Request Form for Faculty (Fillable PDF)
  • Travel Reimbursement Form (Fillable PDF)
    (*to be filled out after a Travel Funding Request Form receives departmental approval)

Instructor-related materials

For Faculty Hiring Hourly Students 

1. Please review the following websites as necessary before hiring: 

2. Fill out: Hourly Student Appointment Request (Online Submission Form)
*Please note that this request must be approved by the department chair before submission. 
If your request has not been approved yet, please Youngie Yoon before filling out this form.

For Hourly Students Employees

  • International Students: Please review International Student Website
  • All student employees should see their hourly appointment in Workday within two weeks of their hire date. Once your appointment is visible in Workday, you should submit your timesheet through Workday. For information on submitting your timesheet see: Time Reporting 
  • If you do not see your appointment in Workday within that two week timeframe, please contact Youngie Yoon