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Studying Islam in the Age of Terror and Islamophobia

Dr. Muhamad Ali, University of California, Riverside
Muhamad Ali Lecture Poster
Friday, March 3, 2017 - 2:30pm to 4:00pm
Thomson Hall Room 317

What does it mean to study and teach about Islam in today’s age of terror and fear of Islam and Muslims? How do we, Muslims and non-Muslims, conceptualize and rethink Islam in its unity and diversity, its persistence and change, its simplicity and complexity, its orthodoxy and hetereodoxy, and its positive and negative dimensions? How do we strike a difficult balance between being “objective learners/teachers” and being “advocates for peace and justice”? Muhamad Ali reflects on these questions and seeks to offer conceptual and practical frames for presenting Islam in the Religious Studies and Southeast Asian Studies classrooms and public settings, learning from his experiences of studying, teaching and speaking about Islam religiously in Indonesia and historically and critically in America.

The event is organized by UW Southeast Asia Center, UW Jackson School of International Studies, Seattle Art Museum, and  Gardner Center for Asian Arts & Ideas.


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