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Exploratory Symposium for the Online Scholarly-Translation Collaborative Project

Assistant Professor Wang Ping
Tuesday, March 29, 2016 to Wednesday, March 30, 2016
Thomson Hall, Room 317
Translation is at the core of Area Studies, shaping our understanding of cultures and societies. The ever-changing demands on scholarship intros digital age call for a reconsideration and reconfiguration of how we do things as scholars and college educators.
The "Online Scholarly-Translation Collaborative Project" aims to transform Area Studies at its core by establishing a collaborative digital platform. The technological interface is designed to better facilitate the management and mobilization of available human resources, and more efficiently publicize scholarly productions. At the top of this collaborative team is an advisory board made up of international experts and scholars in translation theory and practice.
Currently, we are developing a hub where scholars of China Studies can exchange ideas, share resources, and collaborate on translation projects of considerable scope. In the long run, we foresee the site becoming a center for translation activities that extend beyond its initial disciplinary focus on literary and historical materials.
See Event Flyer (PDF) for more deatials.