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Memorial Event for Researcher Carol Salomon

Friday, March 13, 2015 - 4:00pm
Dhaka University’s R.C Majumdar Auditorium
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The accompanying poster announces the ceremony at Dhaka University (Bangladesh) in memory on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of Carol Salomon’s death, and in celebration of her edition and translation of the songs of the Baul singer Lalan Fakir, the national folk-poet of Bangladesh. Her unfinished book on Lalon’s songs is currently being prepared for publication in Bangladesh by Saymon Zakaria, Keith Cantú, and Richard Salomon.

Translation of the poster:

Memorial Ceremony (2015) for Dr. Carol Salomon,

compiler, translator and researcher of the songs of Lalan Sai:

 Studies of Lalan by an American researcher

 Speakers: Prof. Saiyad Akram, Prof. Salimullah Khan,

Poet Sajjad Sharif, Poet Mihir Musaki,

Prof. Shoyaib Gibran, Prof. Hakim Arif,

Researcher and Dramatist Saymon Zakariya

 R. C. Majumdar Auditorium, Dhaka University

Friday, March 13, 2015, 4 PM

 Sponsored by the Bhavnagar Foundation

Carol Saloman Flyer (PDF)

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