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Japanese Novelist as Translators: From Futabatei to Murakami

Motoyuki Shibata

Friday, February 20, 2015 - 3:30pm
Smith Hall 105

As a translator of American fiction, Haruki Murakami is as prolific as he is as an author of his own work. Many people assume that this is almost without precedents, but in the Meiji periods (1868-1912) some novelists in Japan, including Shimei Futabatei and Ogai Mori, were also diligent translators of literature from western countries, and their efforts were a significant part of the whole country’s struggle to westernize. Does Murakami the translator play a similar role today, or is he completely different? Shibata will discuss the contributions these important novelist-translators made to Japanese literature.

Shibata Flyer (PDF)