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Getting your Foot in the Door and Progressing your Career as Japanese (and other Asian Languages) Majors

Andrew Kim, Microsoft
Andrew Kim with his students in Japan
Wednesday, May 21, 2014 - 3:30pm
Smith Hall 105

How do I further my skills in Japanese (and other Asian languages)? Are programs like JET helpful to my career? What kind of options are available and how do I continually progress?

Andrew Kim will address these concerns and share advice on transitioning from student to full-time employment. Topics to include how you can develop your language skills to get to that professional level, the value of teaching programs like JET, the process of job hunting and what companies look for in bilingual candidates, advancing your career, etc. Be sure to prepare questions and network with Andrew for possible referrals.

Andrew earned his B.A. in Japanese Linguistics from the University of Washington and spent 3 years as an assistant language teacher in the JET Program (placed in Miyoshi-shi, Tokushima-ken, Japan). Returning to Seattle, he got into the IT industry with no prior professional experience through his Japanese language skills. He currently has 9 years of combined experience in the education and IT sectors, and is currently a service manager for email at Microsoft.


This event is sponsored by the Department of Asian Languages and Literature as part of the UW Japan Studies Program. For more information, contact the event organizer, Prof. Amy Ohta, at