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Love and the “Modern Girl” in Japan, 1920s–30s

Michiko Suzuki, Indiana University
Michiko Suzuki, Indiana University
Saturday, April 12, 2014 - 9:30am to 11:00am
Seattle Asian Art Museum, Stimson Auditorium

Michiko Suzuki, Indiana University, discusses the rapidly changing cosmopolitan life of 1920s–30s Japan, during which time the modern girl (moga/モガ) became an iconic figure in literature and visual culture.This female identity, both feared and desired, will be explored in the lecture in relation to the modern notion of love.

Part of the Seattle Asian Art Museum's Saturday University Lecture Series: "Love, Loss, and Longing" (February 15 - April 12, 2014).

Full series tickets: $45 SAM members, $88 nonmembers
Individual lecture tickets at the door as available: $5 SAM members, $10 nonmembers
On-site simulcast viewing is free.

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