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The Lives and Deaths of Tao Hongjing: A Cave-Dweller’s View of Medieval Chinese Religious Biography and Epigraphy

Dr. Ian Chapman, University of Washington

Friday, January 24, 2014 - 3:30pm
Thomson Hall 317

In this talk, Dr. Ian Chapman will speak about the diversity of both biographic writing and funerary commemoration in medieval China.  He will present a case study of the commemorative materials produced by and about Tao Hongjing (456-536 AD), the influential alchemist and Shangqing Daoist scriptural compiler.

Tao Hongjing installed epigraphic commemorations for several Shangqing-lineage predecessors on his place of seclusion, Mt. Mao. He then became the subject of the richest surviving individual biographical corpus of medieval Daoism. 


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