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Bach-Gamel Orchestra

Sunday, December 8, 2013 - 7:00pm
Cornish College, Poncho Hall
710 East Roy Street, Seattle, WA - Google Map

The name Bach is synonymous with Baroque music, while the word “gamel,” which means “to hammer” in Javanese, is the root word for the fascinating orchestral music known as gamelan. There are a number of surprising similarities between Baroque music from Europe and the Southeast Asian tradition of Javanese Gamelan. This concert will juxtapose these two traditions, revealing elements of contact, nearness, similitude, and symmetry, be they of musical features (rhythmic structure, melodic flow, timbral qualities, stylized improvisation) or simply atmospheric feel. In the far background of this, one might sense the elusive “universals” of musical expression.

Note: This event is NOT sponsored by the Department of Asian Languages and Literature

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