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Job Hunting for Japanese Majors and Minors

Wednesday, March 6, 2013 - 3:30pm
Thomson Hall 235

Career Opportunities and Job Hunting for Japanese (and other Asian Languages) Majors & Minors

How can bilingual graduates prepare for full-time work?

 What kind of options do Asian Language and Literature Department graduates have?

 What career paths can they take? 

 Andrew Kim will address these issues as well as discuss how you can better market yourself as entry-level candidates. Andrew will also share some examples of job search and interview processes, and share advice on transitioning from student to full-time employment. Be sure to prepare questions and concerns.

 Andrew has 9 years of combined experience in the education and IT sectors. He is currently managing one of the largest messaging infrastructures in the world at Microsoft. Before He earned a degree in Japanese Linguistics at the University of Washington, Seattle. After graduation, he spent 3 years living and working Japan as an English-language teacher while participating on the Japanese Exchange and Teaching Program.




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