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"Authority and Allusion: The Love-song of Lord Takafusa and Its Illustrated Scroll"

Joshua Mostow, University of British Columbia
Friday, November 4, 2011 - 3:30pm to 5:00pm
SAV 156

UW Department of Japan Studies and SAAM sponsor this third in a series of speakers on the topic of classic Japanese literature and art. This talk concerns a narrative “long-poem” (chôka) written by Fujiwara no Takafusa (1142-1209) about his unhappy triangular relationship with one of Emperor Takakura’s women, Kogô. Takafusa models his description on the affair between Narihira, the Nijô Empress, and Emperor Seiwa, as told in the Ise monogatari (mid-10th cen.). The lecture will conclude by considering why this story of imperial cuckolding was chosen for exquisite illumination in the salon of Retired Emperor Fushimi in the early 14th century.

Joshua S. Mostow is Professor of Asian Studies at The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. His publications include Pictures of the Heart: The Hyakunin Isshu in Word and Image (1996); Gender and Power in the Japanese Visual Field (2003); and, with Royall Tyler, The Ise Stories: Ise monogatari (Hawaii, June 2010). Mostow will also give a presentation at the Seattle Asian Art Museum on November 5 as part of the Gardner Center Saturday University Lecture Series entitled "Genji & Popular Culture: Commodifying and Gendering the Classical Past."

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