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Graduation and Awards Convocation 2008

Friday, June 13, 2008
Kane Hall





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Chris Hamm 

Professor J. Christopher Hamm delivering the Convocation Remarks.


Class of 2008 Undergraduate Degrees

The undergraduate class of 2008 comprises 49 students who were awarded Bachelor's degrees in
Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and South Asian Languages.


Class of 2008 Graduate Degrees

Graduate degree recipients included (from left to right): Fumiyo Kobayashi (Ph.D.), Prem Pahlajrai (Ph.C.), Jie Wu (ph.D.), Kryslym McWilliams (M.A.), Yeong-Chung Ed Lien (Ph.C.), Marco Caboara (Ph.C.), Mark Gerald Pitner (Ph.C.).


Kei Hiyaki and Kaylin Pierce Mason

Kei Hiyaki and Reanna Kaylin Pierce Mason were awarded the Henry S. Tatsumi Award for excellence in the study of Japanese.


Chia-ying Shih (Chinese), Jessica Ann Likens (Korean), and Jon Holt (Japanese)

Chia-ying Shih (Chinese), Jessica Ann Likens (Korean) and Jon Holt (Japanese) were honored with the Distinguished TA Award


Professor David Knechtges presented the Yen Fu Translation Prize to Frances Chi-Chuan Li and Mark Gerald Pitner