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Patronage, Performance, Procession and Pilgrimage: Channels of the Flow of Religious Exchange in Early Modern India

Friday, May 18, 2007 to Saturday, May 19, 2007

Speakers include Monika Boehm-Tettelbach, University of Heidelberg, Véronique Bouiller (Paris), Hans Bakker (Groningen, the Netherlands), Jack Hawley, Columbia University, Navina Haider, Metropolitan Museum, NY, Vasudha Dalmia, UC Berkeley, and many others.

The Department of Asian Languages and Literature, Comparative Religion Program, and South Asia Center will co-sponsor with the Scholarly Exchange Program of the College of Arts and Sciences this international symposium. Speakers included are renowned scholars from India, Paris and Germany and the US (New York, Berkeley, and Chicago).

Participants include (but are not limited to):

  • Monika Boehm-Tettelbach (University of Heidelberg): Pārasbhāg: Bhāī Aḍḍaṇ’s Translation of Al-Ghazālī’s Kimiyā-i Sa ‘ādat
  • Véronique Bouiller (Paris): The Pilgrimage to Kadri Monastery (Mangalore, Karnataka): a Nāth Yogῑ Performance
  • Navina Haidar (Metropolitan Museum, NY): Piety With Humor: Separate Currents in Kishangarh Paintings
  • Heidi Pauwels (UW): Where "Urdu" meets "Braj": Nāgrīdās’ Engagement with Rekhtā
  • Prem Pahlajrai (UW): Niścaladāsa: a 19th century Vedāntin Dādῡpanthī Philospher
  • Anand Mishra (University of Heidelberg): Shifting Parameters of Religious Discourses: A Study of Śrī-satsiddhānta-martaṇḍa
  • Jack Hawley (Barnard College, Columbia University, NY): The Bhāgavata Mahātmya in Context
  • Vasudha Paramasivan (University of California, Berkeley): Earthly/Unearthly pilgrimage: The Journey to Ayodhya in the Ᾱnand laharῑ
  • Hans Bakker (University of Groningen, The Netherlands): Rāma Devotion in a Śaiva Holy Place: The Case of Vārāṇasī
  • Purnima Dhavan (UW): Possible Pasts: Ram Sukh Rao's Jassa Singh Binod: The Writing of a Sikh History
  • Vasudha Dalmia (Berkeley): Pilgrimage, Fairs and the Secularization of Space in Modern Hindi Narrative Discourse
  • Ulrike Stark (Chicago): Publishers as Patrons and the Commercialization of Religious Texts

Schedule and Abstracts (PDF)

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