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The Andrew L. Markus Memorial Symposium on Tokugawa Japan

Friday, May 10, 1996 - 12:00am

Tokugawa Meat and Potatoes and Other Earthy Subjects
Professor Susan B. Hanley, University of Washington

Parody and Satire in Edo Gesaku
Professor Howard Hibbett, Harvard University

Tokugawa Contributions to Qing Scholarship
Professor Laura Hess, St. Olaf College

History and Biography in a Time of Theory: A Review of the Scholarship of Andrew L. Markus
Professor Jeffrey Johnson, University of Utah

Status and State Racism: From Kawata to Eta
Professor Herman Ooms, University of California at Los Angeles

From Medieval to Pre-modern: Representations of the Painter and ‘What's in a Name?'
Professor Melinda Takeuchi, Stanford University

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