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Distinguished Faculty Lecture

The Distinguished Faculty Lecture is given by invitation once each autumn by a senior scholar, usually a member of the Department. This series aims to introduce topics of broad interest and appeal related to Asian languages and literature to students and faculty throughout the university, alumni and other friends of the department, and the general public.

The lecture is free and open to the public. It will be followed by a reception.

Past Lectures

2011 - "A multilingual poet in eighteenth-century India: A Krishna bhakta's experiments with Urdu"
Heidi Pauwels, University of Washington
Nov. 29, 7:30pm, Walker-Ames Room (Kane 225)

2009 - "Why not ABC? What happened to the alphabet in East Asia?"
William Boltz, University of Washington
Nov. 25, 7:30pm, Walker-Ames Room (Kane 225)

2007 - "Why ABC?"
Richard Salomon, University of Washington
Nov. 20, 7:30pm, Walker-Ames Room (Kane 225)

2006 - "Inner Asian Words for Paper and Silk"
Jerry Norman, University of Washington (emeritus)
Nov. 21, 7:30pm, Walker-Ames Room (Kane 225)

2005 - "'To be' or Not 'to be': Observations by a Chinese Linguist on Matters of Grammar"
Anne Yue-Hashimoto, University of Washington
Nov. 22, 7:30pm, Walker-Ames Room (Kane 225)

2004 - "Grammatically Speaking: Linguistics, Literary Criticism, and the Interpretation of Indian Texts"
Michael Shapiro, University of Washington
Nov. 23, 8:00pm, Walker-Ames Room (Kane 225)

2003 - "Rose or Jade? Problems in Translating Medieval Chinese Literature"
David R. Knechtges, University of Washington
Nov. 25, 8:00pm, Walker-Ames Room (Kane 225)