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ASIAN 503 A: Seminar In Asian Linguistics

Meeting Time: 
MW 3:30pm - 5:20pm
LOW 220
Amy Ohta
Amy Snyder Ohta

Syllabus Description:

Asian 503: Sociocultural Theory and Second Language Acquisition

  • Amy Snyder Ohta
  • Spring 2017, MW 3:30-5:20, LOW 220

Considers writings of Vygotsky and selected contemporary interpreters in the context of interest in issues related to L2 development and research. Along with considering sociocultural theoretical frameworks through reading of theoretical sources, the seminar will turn to examination of second language research which utilize sociocultural approaches in their conceptualization and analyses.  This is not a course about teaching methodology, but the literature presented in the course will provide evidence upon which language teachers may build their own philosophies and methodologies of teaching, and should stimulate analysis of language acquisition and teaching experiences of students enrolled.  No previous background in second language acquisition or linguistics is required.  The course will be taught in a seminar format with some lecture by the instructor, but central to the class sessions will be presentations and discussions led by students enrolled. 


  1. Swain, Merrill, Kinnear, Penny & Steinman, Linda (2015). Sociocultural Theory in Second Language Education. Multilingual Matters.
  2. Lantolf, James P. & Thorne, Steven L. (2006). Sociocultural Theory and the Genesis of Second Language Development. Oxford University Press.
  3. Vygotsky, Lev (2012). Thought and Language. MIT Press.
  4. Vygotsky, Lev S. (1978). Mind in Society. Harvard University Press.
  5. Selected articles (PDFs)

See also: The rest of the syllabus: Grading, discussion leading, reaction papers, seminar papers, etc.

Only graduate students may enroll. No prerequisites.

Note: I teach a graduate seminar every Spring quarter. Topics vary.

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Topics vary. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Instructors: Handel, A. Ohta, K. Ohta Offered: AWSp.
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