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JAPAN 531 A: Advanced Readings In Modern Japanese Literature

Meeting Time: 
MTh 3:00pm - 4:50pm
SAV 167
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Ted Mack

Syllabus Description:

Sekai and the Immediate Postwar

This term's seminar will focus on short fiction by canonical authors published in the magazine Sekai, published by Iwanami Shoten. The journal, launched by the publisher's founder Iwanami Shigeo in December 1945, was initially led by the writer, editor, and public intellectual Yoshino Genzaburō (1899-1981).

Our stories will follow the selection made by the recently deceased scholar of modern Japanese literature Kamei Hideo (1937-2016) for the anthology Sengo tanpen shōsetsu-sen - Sekai 1946-1999 (Iwanami, 2000). We will read one story for each meeting, beginning with volume one and continuing into volume two. (We will skip the few stories that have been translated into English.) We will cover the years 1946-1955, one definition of the period known in Japan as sengo, or the postwar.

Japan 531 is primarily intended for graduate students with a high level of Japanese fluency, though undergraduates may contact the professor about joining if they have sufficient Japanese reading ability. All readings are in Japanese, and English translations are not available.


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Rapid reading of modern literary and critical texts. Prerequisite: permission of instructor.
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