CHIN 560: Proseminar In Chinese

Marking Mountains and Writing Water: A New Examination of the Landscape Tradition in Early Medieval China through Re-Reading of Xie Lingyun
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T Th 13:30-15:20
PAR 310

Landscape Poetry is an important literary category in the studies of Chinese literature. It is said to have been founded by the aristocratic poet Xie Lingyun in the fifth century. Despite the voluminous scholarship and universal interest in the “mountains and water poetry,” important questions concerning its formation with regard to genre development, intellectual trend, and the rise of lyricism have been buried in what seems to be a less than critical repetition of a long-standing teleological narrative. This course is an attempt to examine some of its assumptions and underlying logic through a re-reading of Xie Lingyun’s poetry in the larger textual and contextual background of the early and  medieval times.


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Methods and materials in the study of Chinese texts. Problems in textual analysis and Chinese literary history. Prerequisite: CHIN 553 and one of CHIN 554, CHIN 555, and CHIN 556.

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