ASIAN 207: Special Topics In Literature And Culture Of Asia

Fairies, Genies and Monsters: The Romance in India
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Individuals and Societies
Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts
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M W 13:30-15:20
THO 119

This course introduces the romance in India, a literary genre of fantastic adventures,  supernatural encounters, and brave heroes. Major readings include The Arabian Nights,  The Adventures of Amir Hamza, and A Tale of Four Dervishes, as well as some contemporary film versions such as The Thief of Baghdad. We will explore the development of the genre by reading some of the most famous and beloved examples of romance from India. All works will be read in English translation, and no prior knowledge is assumed.


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Introduction to the literature of one or more Asian traditions considered in its cultural context. Content varies depending on the specialization and interest of instructor. Texts in English translation.

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