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Chinese Undergraduate Major

NOTE: The below requirements apply to students who declare the Chinese major in Winter Quarter 2019 or later. The previous requirements will still apply to those who declared the Chinese major before Winter Quarter 2019 unless special provision is made. Please contact a departmental advisor if you are interested in this option.

The Chinese Language & Literature major requires a minimum of 50 credits. The actual number of credits required depends on the level of Chinese language attained upon entering the University of Washington.


15-20 credits of Chinese language classes. Students must take at least CHIN 213 or CHIN 303, unless waived because of advanced skills. Remaining credits may be drawn from the following:

  • CHIN 211, CHIN 212, CHIN 213
  • CHIN 301, CHIN 302, CHIN 303
  • CHIN 411, 412, 413 Fourth -Year Chinese
  • CHIN 445 Foreign Study: Fourth-Year Chinese
  • I BUS 490 (when the topic is Business Chinese)
  • CHIN 470 Advanced Readings in Modern Chinese
  • CHIN 482 Advanced Readings in Modern Chinese
  • CHIN 496 Special Studies in Chinese (when the topic is advanced language instruction)

 Students with advanced skills may alternatively take additional courses in linguistics, literature, culture, and/or classical language beyond the minimum 30 credits required, with approval of program coordinator. Note that no more than 20 credits of modern Chinese language courses may apply toward the major, although students may need to take more to reach the required third-year level of language competence.


30-35 credits of classes in Chinese linguistics, literature, culture, and/or classical language. Must include:

  • CHIN 451 and CHIN 452 First-Year Classical Chinese (10 credits)
  • CHIN 342 or CHIN 442 The Chinese Language (5 credits)
  • CHIN 461 and CHIN 462 (10 credits)

plus an additional 5-10 credits from among the following courses:

  • ASIAN 201 Literature and Culture of Ancient and Classical China
  • ASIAN 204 Literature and Culture of China from Tradition to Modernity
  • ASIAN 207 Special Topics in Literature and Culture of Asia (when China is the topic)
  • ASIAN 211 Languages and Cultures of China
  • ASIAN 263 Great Works of Asian Literature (when China is the topic)
  • CHIN 373 Chinese Poetry
  • CHIN 374 Chinese Prose
  • CHIN 380 Premodern Chinese Narrative in Translation
  • CHIN 381 Literature in Modern China
  • CHIN 385 Popular Culture in Twentieth-Century China
  • CHIN 443 Structure of Chinese
  • CHIN 453 First-Year Classical Chinese
  • CHIN 463 History of Chinese Literature 

Or from courses explicitly related to China from such departments as Anthropology, Art History, International Studies, History, Linguistics, Sociology, etc. You can view a list of approved courses for recent and upcoming quarters here.

No more than 10 credits may come from outside of the AL&L department.

Last revised in Winter 2019.