Korean Proficiency & Placement

See also general information on Proficiency Exams and Placement Interviews.

Proficiency Exams measure your ability in a language and are used to satisfy or waive language requirements.

Placement Inerviews determine which language class is appropriate for your background and ability, and are only nescassary if you intend to take the course. The interview results cannont be substituted for a proficiency exam. 

The department does not offer either Proficiency or Placement to those outside the University.

Proficiency Exam:

The show proficiency in Korean language or to wiave the language requirement you must take the Korean Program (KR100A) admininstered in the Office of Educational Assessment (440 Schmitz Hall, (206) 543-1171). 

KR100A consists of a listening section followed by a written section (vocabulary, grammar, and reading). If you receive a score of 66 to 90, you are exempted from the general language requirement for graduation. 

There is no re-test policy or waiting period. You may retake KR100A at anytime.

Placement Interview:

If you have had no exposure to Korean and are looking to enroll in Korean 101, then you should fill out the Placement Inverview Questionnaire to get an add code. The instructor will contact you within a week with placement information.  

If you have had prior exposure to Korean (i.e. spoken Korean at home or taken a prior class) then you should contact Dr. Soohee Kim for further instructions.